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Be the first to enter new markets.

Are you still filling out forms manually? Reduce time and errors by automating your licensing process.

Employees securely enter their information just once — Compliable automates the rest. License employees in multiple jurisdictions with the click of a button.

We make your job easier.

We make complex, time-intensive forms user friendly.

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Simple. Secure.

You can trust that we protect your data with the most secure systems and regulations on the market.

We store your data in airtight encrypted systems both at rest and in transit. This offers 100% transparency—and keeps your data safe.

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Everything you need to make licensing a breeze.

Track Employee Progress

Easily check in on employees’ form progress and approve completed forms before submitting to the regulator.

Easily Assign New Forms

Assign licensing forms for new jurisdictions with the click of a button.

Automate the Process

Our platform auto-populates form information across multiple forms making it simple to apply for many jurisdictions.

Vendor & Affiliate Licensing

This feature is coming soon!

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Using Compliable's gaming license management platform drastically reduces our licensing burden, helps us stay compliant, and enables me and my team to focus on our core business.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night stressed out about licensing. Then I remember Compliable and go back to sleep.

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