Updates to the Compliable platform to further streamline the licensing process

January 24, 2024

Greg Ponesse Chief Revenue Officer Compliable

The gambling industry is fast-moving and ever-evolving, and as a reg-tech provider in the space, we must be too.

By tracking developments in every regulated state and frequently speaking with our clients, we are kept abreast of any challenges and hurdles in the licensing process and constantly work to improve and enhance our solution. 

New Features

We recently released a number of new features to further streamline this process for our clients. The updates help clarify and define steps involved in getting employees licensed and makes it easier for companies to track the forms for a greater overview.

Among other updates, our new dashboard now exhibits the lifecycle of any individual getting licensed, making it easier to identify what needs to be actioned to keep the application on track. Managers can also be assigned to specific applicants throughout the journey and the dashboard can filter to provide updates on solely those individuals.

While the whole workflow process has received a thorough makeover for 2024, we have also initiated an optional in-app review.

When activated, any administrators or managers are given permission to download completed forms from applicants within their company. This works in tandem with the workflows, as any necessary feedback can be provided before the next stage of submission.

Specifically for Pennsylvania, we’ve implemented an information modal for the state’s gambling licensing portal SLOTS Link on the profile page, which significantly streamlines account creation that is needed if an applicant is getting licensed through the gateway.

These are just a handful of new features we have recently rolled out, so get in touch if you want to find out more about all the ways our solution can support you.

Platform Benefits


Our platform enables businesses to manage their applications across multiple states in the US ensuring speed to market which is crucial as regulation in the region evolves.

What sets our solution apart is the degree of completeness that it offers as it finalizes applications fully, entering all data and documentation where it needs to be.

The simplicity of using our platform is a huge benefit to anyone who goes through what is often a complicated application process. The user journey is therefore important, and we will continue to make enhancements to ease the compliance burden of our clients.

Compliable will be attending ICE London 2024 between February 6-8 and will be booking meetings to showcase the benefits of the platform for any operator or supplier interested in entering North America. Book a meeting here: 


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