The importance of agile tech in a rapidly evolving market

Greg Ponesse
December 4, 2023

Greg Ponesse                                 
Chief Revenue Officer


Compliable’s licensing platform enables sportsbooks and iGaming businesses to obtain employee, entity, vendor and other businesses licenses across multiple states in the US, ensuring speed to market which is crucial as regulation in the region evolves. Our Chief Revenue Officer, Greg Ponesse, focuses on how Compliable stays agile, adapting its solution to support an industry with increasing regulatory demands.

How has the ever-changing gambling regulation in the US had an impact on your offering since you launched three years ago?

The nature of the industry we are in forces us to constantly think ahead to be prepared for any changes to existing regulation or new markets opening up. Since we launched our solution, we have built on it to ensure we can offer our clients the support they need, and this has been driven by how the sector has developed in the US over the last few years. Our product offering now includes multiple modules to support any type of license that gambling companies need to enter regulated US states. The regulatory landscape is complex, but our platform removes a big hurdle for the industry, helping companies quickly apply and manage their key, employee, vendor, and entity licenses across many states.

As a tech start-up, we are always looking at ways to strengthen our platform and ensure we stay ahead of our competition. We work closely with our clients and partners to understand their requirements and incorporate this into our product development, and we also have a close dialogue with regulators. We have repeatedly worked with customers to understand their licensing workflow and customize our product to best fit their existing methods to offer them the most value. 

What advantages does Compliable’s platform have over its main competitors in the market?

What sets our solution apart the most is the degree of completeness that it offers as it finalises applications fully, entering all data and documentation where it needs to be. The simplicity of using our platform is a huge benefit to anyone who goes through what is often a complicated application process.

The user journey is therefore important, and offering a streamlined and simple process as people navigate through the platform is something we have worked hard on. We have extensive FAQs and a live chat available, further improving the user experience and the support we can offer. The US is a market we know extremely well and as experts in licensing and compliance, we want to offer more than just a tech solution.

Our job is never done at Compliable as we are always challenging ourselves to do more. With the modern tech our solution is built on, we have the possibility to continue to innovate compared with other legacy products on the market.

What role has reg tech played in the expansion of the US gambling markets and could more be done in this space?

It has been tremendously important for many companies who are smaller as they might not have the resources to handle it themselves. While hiring outside counsel to handle licensing applications has long been the norm for many companies, we instead empower the company itself to effectively complete the work in a time/cost efficient and thorough manner. 

The reg tech space has evolved quickly over the years and there are so many areas where innovation can truly help gambling companies focus on what matters most to grow their business. Employee and entity licensing are an often-forgotten piece of the equation where using our solution can really make a difference. Our platform makes licensing much more approachable for people and we will continue to build out the functionality to ensure the license management process is as efficient and intuitive as possible.


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