Now Supporting: Pennsylvania Employee Licensing

Press Release

Compliable now supports Pennsylvania employee licensing with an efficient new process. Compliable communicates directly with PA’s SLOTSlink system and simplifies applications.

Feb. 6, 2023 – Compliable has further strengthened its platform offering by providing a solution for its technology to be used for a streamlined employee licensing process in Pennsylvania. Individuals applying for an employee license in Pennsylvania are now able to simply access Compliable’s platform to fill out necessary forms, with the finalized data uploaded to SLOTSlink, the state’s gambling licensing portal.

Through the Compliable platform, employees can leverage licensing efforts across multiple jurisdictions and employers can easily track the progress of individuals applying within Pennsylvania, optimizing the process and increasing visibility.

The development simplifies an often burdensome and time-consuming task and marks an important step in Compliable’s mission to make licensing more technologically efficient across regulated US states.

Launched in 2020, Compliable’s platform offers US operators and suppliers a solution that makes it easy to onboard and manage employee; gaming licenses across multiple states, drastically reducing workload for compliance teams.

Chris Oltyan, CEO at Compliable, said:

“We are thrilled to announce this evolution of the Compliable platform to now support Pennsylvania which sees us provide our efficiencies of scaling and increased visibility through our licensing technology, benefitting anyone looking to gain accreditation in the state.

“We built our platform to make licensing easier for everyone and we are pleased to now support licensing through a state portal. We welcome the challenge to build similar technology to support the industry moving towards a more efficient licensing process across multiple jurisdictions.”


About Compliable

US gaming license platform provider Compliable helps solve licensing challenges. Compliable’s platform allows sportsbooks to easily onboard and manage all employees gaming licenses across the US. The platform reduces the time it takes to fill out forms for licenses by 72%. Compliable provides the solution to compliance teams’ problems in securing employee licenses, significantly cuts the cost related to licensing, and accelerates the speed companies can move into new markets.

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