Fullstack Engineer

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Really, no resume required, but we do need the above link filled out to get you into consideration. Applicants that do not fill out the form linked above will not be considered. Please contact us if you have difficulty filling out the form.

About Compliable

Compliable makes gaming licensing easy.

Our platform helps legal US sportsbooks, vendors, and iGaming companies quickly manage their employees' gaming licenses and efficiently apply for new licenses across multiple states. Employees don't need to spend weeks filling out different forms for every jurisdiction. Instead, they enter key information just ONCE and Compliable intelligently re-uses that information and auto-populates it across multiple states' forms, generating error-free applications every time.

About the Role

As a Full Stack Engineer you will be joining a small development team to develop features on the Compliable platform. You will also be working on related web applications, databases and utilities that enable Compliable to deliver value to our customers.

  1. We value a broad knowledge base and encourage our employees to develop a well-rounded skill set and be comfortable contributing to any part of the codebase.
  2. Work collaboratively with our product team and engineering colleagues in an agile capacity
  3. Design, write, read, test and review front/back end TypeScript apps and APIs
  4. Build scalable, highly available systems in a Kubernetes-centric environment
  5. Work with automation to ship code and monitor it in production
  6. Document and test the products and systems you build
  7. We use daily stand-ups and put a strong emphasis on communication and knowledge-sharing.

Who you are

  • You enjoy building things. You value craftsmanship in software. You enjoy reading code, and you're probably in the habit of reading the source for your dependencies.
  • You are using your acquired experience and maturity to positively challenge the status quo and aspire for higher code quality and development efficiency while understanding the business needs.
  • You are a good communicator who appreciates learning from and teaching others.

In this position, the chosen candidate is expected to have a hands-on, problem-solving approach and a friendly human-facing side to communicate and manage expectations.

Our tech stack includes Typescript and React.js with Webpack, and a Golang API on no sql backend.

Other things you probably enjoy or would be interested in learning:

  • Working deeper with the JavaScript and Golang ecosystems
  • Working with modern browser technologies and paradigms
  • Building performant, secure and accessible web applications
  • Building innovative products and features integrated with existing systems

If you're interested in joining a rapidly growing team working to build an outstanding, world-class organization with a relentless focus on customer experience, you've come to the right place.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $130,000.00 per year


Compliable offers a number of excellent benefits, including:

  • Stock options, allowing all staff to participate in company growth
  • 2 weeks of paid time off per year for all employees, with an additional week added for your 2nd and 4th anniversary at the company
  • 1 week of recovery time per year, to be used to recover mentally or physically
  • Work from anywhere! Compliable is a Remote First company; and staff are free to live and work from anywhere in the world, provided you maintain the ability to be paid as a U.S. citizen.
  • Flexible time: No being chained to your desk for 8 hours a day; Compliable provides a lot of leeway on how you go about completing your weekly tasks/goals.
  • Four Day Work Week: Monday to Thursday, we have a regular 8 hour workday expectation, from approximately 9:00am to 5:00pm MST. On Friday, we let you structure your day so you can achieve a solid end to the week; and as long as you make sure your weekly goals are completed, you can do whatever you need to stay productive (sleep in, go for a hike, learn the concertina, refactor code, etc).
  • Adventure Time: Sometimes called "paid paid vacation", on your first work anniversary, you will receive a company stipend that can be used in conjunction with a planned vacation to help you plan memorable experiences you might not otherwise get to enjoy. Always wanted to book a cruise or travel abroad, but didn't have the funds? Adventure Time will help make your plan a reality.

Our Pledge to You

We are committed to an open and transparent hiring process that respects your time and effort in applying, and removes as much bias as possible from candidate selection. All applicants will receive notifications on the status of their application, regardless of whether they are selected to move forward in the process. Applicants who are not chosen to move forward are welcome to request additional data on why they were not selected.

The first notifications for this position will be sent out by Friday, July 16.